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Update about the Ethereum Paris upgrade (the Merge) - September 2022



The long-anticipated Paris upgrade to the Ethereum network (also called the Merge) is expected to take place this week. 


As a BVNK client, we wanted to let you know that from 00:30 (UTC) on 15 September, all ETH and ERC20 token withdrawals and deposits will be temporarily paused for up to 12 hours or longer.


OTC and CBFX services will function as intended, provided that the liquidity is already available in your account. We will provide you with an update if the situation changes.


Please note that your assets will be safe and secure during this period, and that there is no action required from you.


The temporary pausing of these services is a precautionary step to ensure the stability of the Ethereum Network before the further processing of any transactions, ensuring that no funds are affected by the upgrade. Operations are expected to resume as normal after the upgrade is successfully completed.

If you would like to follow the estimated timeline of the Merge, it can be found here