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 Terms of service update 


This is to inform you about the change of how we will provide our services to you, the process involved and the options that are available.  

You do not need to do anything to continue to receive our services.

In order for the Coindirect team to move your current agreement from your current contractual partner WD Global Services Ltd (the entity that is currently providing the services to you and which is incorporated in the United Kingdom) to your new contractual partner CD Digital Assets S.L. (the entity that will provide services in the future and which is incorporated in Spain), the Terms of Service will need to be amended. 

Your amended agreement is available here and will apply from 23 March 2022. Note: The new Terms of Service are mostly the same as your existing ones, with a few small changes to comply with local Spanish law. You can read the updated Terms of Service that will apply to your arrangements with Coindirect Spain here.  

If you do not wish to move your account to Coindirect Spain, please contact us at by no later than 23 March 2022 and we will close your account with us. Any funds that we hold for you on the date of your account closure or by 29 March 2022 will then be returned to you. 

If you have any questions on or objections to the above changes please contact us at If we have not heard from you by 28 March 2022, your agreement will automatically be transferred to Coindirect Spain.

We will continue to work as usual and our Customer Services team is available to answer all your questions and help wherever possible.
Thank you for being a valued Coindirect client.

Coindirect Team