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How long will it take for my deposit to reflect?

Coindirect will only be able to credit your deposit to your ZAR wallet, once we’ve received notification from our bank and are able to allocate the deposit to your account based on the reference number provided.

If you’ve used the correct reference number and banking details, and no technical problems are experienced in terms of Coindirect receiving notifications from our banks, then the deposit will reflect in your ZAR wallet within a few minutes or up to 3 business days later, depending on who you bank with.

Please note that deposits not using the correct reference will need to be investigated and manually reconciled by our finance team, so allow up to 3 business days after the deposit reflects in our account, for this to take place. Feel free to contact us at and attach a proof of payment if you suspect you may have used the wrong reference, as this will assist us in locating your deposit.

In cases where we are not receiving notifications from our banks due to technical or other unforeseen circumstances, Coindirect will not be able to automatically match and update your ZAR wallet balance. We will then need to manually reconcile all deposits, which may result in delays in your balance updating.