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How do I become a verified Trade Vendor?

You can be your own boss and make a career out of cryptocurrency by becoming a full-time trade vendor at Coindirect.

To get started, follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Please ensure that your Coindirect account is fully verified by uploading all 3 required documents.
  2. Once verified, deposit some BTC into your Coindirect wallet or purchase BTC from another one of our vendors.
  3. Follow the link within your Coindirect Dashboard to Create Your Own Offers.

You do not need to become a trade vendor if you will only be selling coins occasionally. For the occasional sale, you can simply go to the Sell Coins page and choose one of the offers already there.

Being a trade vendor requires a high commitment of time, particularly if you receive many orders from buyers and sellers. You will need to be available to regularly check pending orders, review proofs of purchase, release coins, check your bank account or wallet throughout the day and communicate with buyers and sellers via our chat message function. 

For more detailed information, please have a read-through our handy blog article: Seize this online business opportunity to become a cryptocurrency vendor.