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How do I deposit digital currency into my Coindirect wallet from an external wallet?

Log into your Coindirect account and go to your 'Wallets' page. Click the ‘Receive’ button next to the wallet you wish to deposit into, and it will provide you with the wallet address for that currency. For BTC, a QR code will also be displayed.

Go to your external hardware wallet or online exchange wallet and send the funds to the wallet address of your Coindirect wallet.

Currently Coindirect supports deposits in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, US Tether and all the ERC20 currencies. You will only be able to receive the same currency as listed on your wallet e.g. you can only receive Bitcoin into your BTC Wallet. If you send any other digital currency to that wallet address, the funds will be irretrievable.

Please allow some time for the deposit to reflect in your wallet as we are dependent on the blockchain confirmation times, which are outside of our control. A transaction can take up to 60 minutes, however times can vary greatly. 

Please note customers are unable to accept BEP20 (Binance chain) crypto deposits into their Coindirect wallets.