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How do I make a payment to buy digital currency?

1) Create a Coindirect account and complete your personal details.

2) Select a digital currency offer from our ‘Buy Coins’ page or click the "Buy" button next to the coin you want to buy in your Wallets section.

3) If you are based in South Africa, you can make your purchase directly from your ZAR wallet if sufficient funds are available. Alternatively, make a local currency payment directly to the seller using the given reference and banking details and within the required payment timeframe.

4) Upload your proof of payment if required OR click the "I've paid the seller" button to notify the seller that you've made the payment. 

6) Once the seller approves the payment, they will release your digital currency coins from Escrow to your Coindirect wallet.  When purchasing with your prefunded ZAR wallet, your coins will automatically be released.